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Turkish hamam etiquette: What to know before you go

Hamam, the Ottoman variation of the steam bath, is a time-held tradition of relaxation, rejuvenation and self-care. When it comes to using a Turkish bath, however, there are certain rules you should keep in mind to enjoy the experience with confidence


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Beldibi Turkish Bath
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About the architecture

The Turkish bath traditionally consists of a main circular and large marble steam room with high ceilings that is heated by a furnace with hot air flowing through conduits under the floor.

Basic rules of the bath

There is no better time of year than now, when the weather is colder and the summer is over, to take a Turkish bath. Not only will the experience warm you to your very soul, but it is also a great opportunity to detox.

What to wear

Contrary to popular belief, the bathers in a hamam are not naked. Most people will generally wear undergarments or a swimsuit, while some choose to go topless. Everyone, however, tends to wrap up in a “peştamal,” which is a classic Turkish bathing towel used to keep modest.